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Mr. Rakesh VentrapragadaEntrepreneurial leader with nearly 10 years of experience in consulting, management, and leadership across various sectors.

From the Director's Desk

Having worked in London Financial Spectrum and gaining experience in International markets, Banking, and Business Development, I understand the difficulties in accessing funds by professionally managed small/ mid-sized/ micro-companies and start-ups.

Fundraising, being the hard-fought part, is limiting the businesses the growth they deserve. Our vision is to provide limitless options, product types, or loan amounts unlike traditional banks or new-age lenders, and let them grow to be a responsible and sustainable business. And so we have started to debt fund and support these breakthrough entrepreneurs and their ecosystems, without them sacrificing any equity and without mortgaging any collateral.

We are offering various products to help businesses meet all sorts of requirements. We are under planning to cater credit provisions in the retail segment by bringing in multiple loan products.


AS YOU ARE HERE, trust us to be the signboard for your financial path that you are looking for in order to reach your financial milestones.

Committed to

  • Facilitating your business finances and help ease banking burdens catered to your specific needs
  • Building support culture for all the stakeholders involved
  • Employing capital for a superior future & achieve sustainable returns for today and tomorrow


Formed by experienced investors and operators who are successful entrepreneurs in their own right. The firm was started with the philosophy of “being the entrepreneurs behind the entrepreneur” inside everyone.


M S Varma leads the Business Development in Canada. His main areas of expertise include consulting and advisory, incubating new businesses, strategy and funding for start-ups and early-stage growth companies. He has more than 10 years of industry experience and was previously associated with top pharma and healthcare organizations in US and Canada.


Surya V, works independently creating an ecosystem for India bound investments and provides consultation of highest level, garnering client’s satisfaction along the journey.

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